JAGUAR Daimler Series 1 2 3 XJ6 XJS X300 XJ40 16” Chrome Wire Lattice Cross 70 Spoke MWS wheels x4 16x7J 5x120.65PCD

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JAGUAR Daimler Series 1 2 3 XJ6 XJS X300 XJ40 16” Chrome stainless Wire Lattice Cross 70 Spoke wheels x4 


BXW746, 70 Spoke 16” wheels, Made by MWS in Slough, Berkshire U.K. These retail new at £2452 a set, without tyres!

my set are £1250 with tyres and nuts.

These wheels have done very few miles in their life. 

includes a special set of long wheel nuts.


5x120.7 pcd

suitable for all Jaguar with the 5x120.65/ 5x120.7 PCD.

This includes Series 1,2,3 XJ6/XJ12 models, XJ40, XJS, X300, X308, XK8.

Condition- very good used. The chrome/ stainless is still shiny. No kerb damage, cracks, welds or buckles. 3x centre caps have lost their chrome playing though. 1x cap is good. New caps are still available from MWS in Slough for £14 each. I can add these at cost if required?

Some road dirt will be present between the spokes. The wheels have has a basic clean, but they will not look like new. Further cleaning/ polishing would be needed to bring them up further.  

Fitted with a matched set of tyres currently. 255/55/16. All hold air pressure, all 7mm tread. Accelera Alpha tyres. Tyres are used, not guaranteed. Some age related perishing may be present in places.

UK and international delivery available, or collection welcome.

Please see the tech spec courtesy of the MWS Website.

size 7" x 16"  
Centre Five Stud 120.7 mm PCD  
Number of Spokes 70  
Finish Stainless steel or chrome  
Lacing Inner & Outer  
Inset (mm) 22.5  
Back Spacing (mm) 124.5 (+/- 3)

Tyre 225/55R16  
Tube Tubeless

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