NEW Jaguar XJ40 89-90 Radio cassette player NOS NEW

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Jaguar XJ40 89-90 Radio cassette player


made by Clarion for Jaguar. 

DBC3236. Compatible with DBC3233. 

Works on all useable/ accessible UK/ Europe frequencies. Originally this part was destined for the Australian/ Asian market, hence the different part number. The frequency range is only 0.5mhz reduced. 

box opened to take pictures. Otherwise it was sealed up. 

12 month warranty from the date of sale. 

Full working order. 

Perfect condition. 

No security codes needed for this model. 

Please Check the plugs match those on your car before ordering. 

Not suitable for models after VIN 629285. 

This unit can be fitted to models up to this VIN. 


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