About Us

I am an enthusiast and collector of Jaguar XJ40 and X300. All this started innocently with that very first Jag purchase- a 1993 3.2S and somehow I never stopped buying them. To date, I have restored four XJ40's and have various other project restorations in progress. As a result, there are very few issues I am now unfamiliar with.

My collection currently consists of some rare and interesting models, including two V12 models (DD6 & XJ12), 40 XJR Manual and Auto variants, X300 4.0 Manual, XJR6 Auto, plus Sovereigns, modified Specials and pretty much one of everything! Plus a Land Rover or two, of course!

As my personal collection grew, so did the ever increasing need for spare parts; and so started my acquisition of spares cars that has gradually progressed into selling parts. I aim to stock a broad range of parts for XJ40 and X300, though naturally those most in demand tend to sell out quickly. Consequently,it is not always possible to have everything available at all times.

Contact me for advice on any aspects of parts, ownership or troubleshooting and I would be happy to help.