Jaguar X300 stripped Door shell NSR left Rear 94-97 X300, SWB. Sapphire Blue/ JGE

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Jaguar X300 stripped Door shell.


NSR left Rear

94-97 X300, SWB.

Sapphire Blue/ JGE

NSR stripped door shell only.

Does not include any internal electrics/ mechanisms, glass. Stripped door shell only.

though the frame is integral so comes included .

No rust visible on the outside, though the frame may have some internally?

THERE ARE SOME SCRAPES DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE DOOR, and on the rubbing strip. Because of these, clearly the door should be painted before fitting. I can’t see any dents, but running my hand across the scratched area, there are inconsistencies to the feel if the panel. So assumed it’s dented. 

see pics for exact condition details.

Removed 97 x300 3.2.

Other X300/ XJ40/ XJS/X308 doors available. Please ask. 


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