Daimler Jaguar X300 X308 XJ40 Dimple 16” alloy wheel and tyre x1 8Jx16

  • £95.00

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Jaguar X300 X308 XJ40 XJS Dimple 16” alloy wheel x1. 

Single wheel with tyre. Ideal as a spare.

Painted finish, in average condition with bubbling and flaking paint in places. Looks ok from a distance though. Please see the pictures for the exact condition details. 

MNB6113CA. (Similar to MNA6113GB)



5x120.65 PCD

Includes a badge, but it’s not great condition. 

Please see pics for exact condition details.

Alloy- no cracks, welds of buckles. 

Budget brand tyre, 215/55/16, With 6.3mm measured tread. Tyre appears to be in good condition/ quite new looking, with a 2018 Date stamp / DOT code.  Holds air pressure.

used tyre that cannot be guaranteed though. 

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