DAIMLER JAGUAR XJ40 METRIC Teardrop alloy wheels x5 5x120.65 220/65 R390 tyres

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DAIMLER JAGUAR XJ40 METRIC Teardrop alloy wheels x5

220/65 R390 tyre size.


390x180 TD.35

CAC9650. There are a number of different part numbers for Metric wheels. But they are the same wheel.

5x wheels and 5x tyres. 

fits all model year XJ40, but originally fitted on 86-90 models. 

4x Tyres hold air.
1x tyre is off the Rim. It has some damage to the bead seal. I was advised by a tyre fitter that using an inner tube could used to seal the air.

All the tyres are used, not guaranteed. it’s up to you if you use them. There is perishing/ cracking in places on some of them, but not all the tyres. 
Tread depth measured 6.9mm, 3.0mm, 6.5mm, 5.7mm, 1.8mm.

The Alloys are near perfect condition, having all been refurbished front and back. Please see the pictures for exact condition details. There are a few minor imperfections as pictured, but they really are nice condition. Hard to find like this. 
4x Centre covers included. Though two of them have some clips missing, so they don’t quite sit perfectly flush. 

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