Daimler Double Six Jaguar 6.0 V12 Engine & Gearbox for XJS X300 X305 Or E-Type

  • £3,999.95

Only 1 left!

Any delivery cost quoted is only an estimate currently. If you want this delivered, you need to contact me first with your post code to check the delivery costs/ and delivery times. 
This engine is still on the donor vehicle so that any interested party can hear it running abs driving RJ be sure it’s good. 
this also means it needs more time to be removed though. 

X300 X305 Daimler Double Six 6.0 V12 Jaguar XJ12 engine & Gearbox

Mileage Currently 142,455

Engine and gearbox in good working order. No fault codes, or warning lights. No knocking or unusual noises. Runs smoothly, gets up to temperature and stays at normal running temperature.

This is the rare late version of the 6.0 V12 with the Denso ignition system, using coil packs. There’s no distributor or rotor arm on this model.

The engine and box is currently in the car, so it can be heard running. I have videos of it running.

For the full price. You can take the full car and use the running gear, ECU and wiring etc. 

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