Jaguar Daimler XJ40 XJ6 3.6 3.54 NON JURID Diff Differential

  • £400.00

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Jaguar Daimler XJ40 XJ6 3.6 3.54 Diff Differential

3.54:1 ratio.

Standard open Diff, Not limited Slip. 

NON JURID COUPLING type flange. Bolts directly to the prop shaft without the donut/ rubber join/ coupling. 
Diff only is included on this listing. It will be stripped off the subframe when ordered. Does not include The subframe, wishbones in the pictures.

I can supply the Non Jurid Prop shaft too if required. Add £70. 

part number JLM137135E/ JLM137135

Reasonable cosmetic condition, though of course there is always surface rust all over, solid overall.

In working order, no obvious leaks. Though I strongly recommend all differentials get fitted with fresh bearings and seals all round before fitting. This is the only way to ensure long term reliable performance. This part is 25-30 years old. The time to fit new bearings and seals is on a bench before fitting to your car. 

removed from an 87 3.6 XJ40.

This will technically fit all 6cyl XJ40, though the wishbones differ on the very late 1994 XJ40/ X300 callipers are different between pre 89 and post 89 models.

Also suitable for Cobra Kit cars etc.

I also have front ends available too,

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