Jaguar Daimler XJR X300 XJ40 XJ6 6cyl Front clip axle Subframe Hubs ARB suspension Spring

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This subframe is very big and heavy, so requires an extra large pallet.

Jaguar Daimler XJR X300 XJ40 XJ6 6cyl Front Subframe axle Hubs ARB suspension Spring.

Includes The subframe, wishbones, Hubs, ARB, Springs, discs. 

excludes ABS sensors, Vee Mounts, shock absorbers, Brake callipers, steering rack (Available separately).

note- the bushes not guaranteed. Some may require renewal.

Above Average cosmetic condition, but there is still some of the usual surface rust. No holes though. Solid condition. If you want it to look perfect, it will need a shot blast and powder coat though. 

removed from an 91 4.0 XJ40.

This will fit all 6cyl XJ40 & X300.

May also be suitable for Cobra Kit cars etc.

I also have back ends available too,

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