Jaguar X300 AGD OATMEAL Right front seat belt

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Jaguar X300 Right front seat belt

AGD OATMEAL colour. 

1x piece. Right side front . 

Please note all these I see in the U.K., have some “cracks” on the plastic around the eyelet cover. See the pics for details, The metal beneath is still good and will do its job, but the cracks obviously affect its “cosmetic appearance”, which I know might bother some people. 

The Light colour, plus nature of this material is that it picks up dirt very easily. A cleaning charge is now applied to all seat belts to improve the “cosmetic condition”, as most customers don’t want to do this work themselves. They will not be brand new perfect, but will be an improvement over standard used (dirty) condition.

fits all X300, 94-97.

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