Jaguar X300 X308 XJ40 16” Dimple alloy wheels and tyres x4 8Jx16

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Jaguar X300 X308 XJ40 XJS Dimple 16” alloy wheels & tyres x4. 

Painted finish. 
These wheels have previously been refurbished. They look smart enough from a distance, but up close, there is still some flaking paint/ bubbling/ corrosion in places. 
All wheels have paint/ lacquer imperfections. Please  see the pictures for exact condition details. 

Some kerb damage in places. 

MNA6113GB/  MNB6113CA



5x120.65 PCD

Includes badges as pictured. 

Hard to find in this good condition, when most are much worse.

Alloy wheel- no cracks, welds or buckles. 

TYRES- 215/55/16. Note. This is one size smaller than standard for these wheels (normally 225/55/16).
3x 8.0 tread. Budget brand. 

1x 6.5mm tread. Michelin Pilot HX. 

The wheels/ tyres have been dry stored for a number of years. I can’t see any obvious perishing or cracking on the rubber, but they are not new tyres. Tyres are used and not guaranteed. 

i can have the tyres removed for £5 each. 

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