Jaguar X300 XJ40 Differential Diff 3.58:1 ratio for N/A 4.0 engines AJ6 AJ16

  • £350.00

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Picture is for reference. The available is still on the axle so needs time to be stripped off. It looks identical to the previous part pictured. 

Please note a minimum of 1-2 week turnaround time is required on this part before dispatch. 

Jaguar X300 XJ40 Differential Diff

3.58:1 ratio for 4.0 & 3.6 engines AJ6 AJ16 XJ40 & X300. 
The diff is coming off a 1993 4.0 XJ40. 

in used condition/ working order. no bad oil leaks. Though I strongly recommend all differentials get fitted with fresh bearings and seals all round before fitting. This is the only way to ensure long term reliable performance. This part is 25-30 years old. The time to fit new bearings and seals is on a bench before fitting to your car. 

This part will be drained of oil for transport, so fresh oil will need adding before use. 

Cosmetically in used condition with the usual corrosion present. 

Supplied as a diff only, no subframe or hubs. 



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