JAGUAR XJ40 15” Teardrop alloy wheels x5 15x7J 5x120pcd CBC4688

  • £330.00

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JAGUAR XJ40 15” Teardrop alloy wheels x5 15x7J 5x120.65PCD


5x wheels

fits all model year XJ40.

Please see the pictures for exact condition details.

 1x wheels in poor cosmetic condition with flaking/ bubbling paint all over. These would require fresh paint before use. 

1x wheel in nice original paint condition with only minor paint defects. 

3x wheels on average paint condition. With some defects as pictured. 

No cracks, Welds or buckles. 

includes centre wheel covers. Two were missing but I have fitted some on since the pics were taken. 

Fitted with tyres currently, though they are old and and may be cracking in places, so should ideally be replaced before road use. 

The tyres can be removed for transportation if needs be. Please ask for details. 

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