Jaguar XJ40 90-92 heating fans AIR CON Heater climate control panel DBC5844

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Jaguar XJ40 90-92 AIR CON heating fans climate control panel 

Generally good used condition and working order, but has one small missing button on the slider. See pic. These are still available new last time I looked.

The front buttons for “auto/ manual/ Screen, droplets, Econ” do work, but they have lost their spring loading, so they need to be pushed harder to work, and they do not bounce back.

There’s a plastic film cover on the graphics that has deteriorated, and needs peeling off. The graphics below are fine though. It just doesn’t look too great at the moment,

only suitable for 90-92 model XJ40 with battery under bonnet/ hood. 3.2/4.0. will not fit battery in boot models. It can also be used on 86-90 3.6/2.9 models, but the graphics on the front are different. Otherwise it’s the same.

this is for WITH AIR CON. i have the none air con versions too if you you want one, please ask

part number DBC5844

Note- the back light bulbs cannot be guaranteed. Some will work, some might need replacement?

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