Jaguar XJ40 Rear Lamp Bulb Failure Modules BFM 93-94 DBC12343

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Jaguar XJ40 Rear lamp relay control bulb failure modules BFM 93-94 Part number-
Compatible with DBC10714
Good- working order. However, a past owner thought it a good idea to cut the plugs off for the fog lamps. So those are missing/ require adding back/ or an alternative connection making (like spade connectors). 

Removed from:
94 model year XJ40
Compatible with:
93 model year XJ40, but will also work on a 94 (battery in boot car) Not suitable for pre 93 cars, as the connectors are different
Whats included:
BFM x 2
I also have these parts for battery under bonnet XJ40 86-92/ battery under bonnet. Please contact me if you require these

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