Jaguar XJ40 Under Bonnet Liner 93-94 version. Needs some work.

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Jaguar XJ40 Under Bonnet Liner 93-94 version. Needs some work/ spares or repairs. 

Fits all model year XJ40 93-94.


Thos part is not in great shape. The eyelets for the fixings had started coming away at the edges. They will require some oversized washers to grip the material enough to fix it in place. 
As can be seen on the pics, there’s a section on the rear that is coming apart. So the material is thin in that place. Although this part is far from ideal, it’s better than most examples of this part from a 93-94 model. Most I see are totally gone already/ dust. 
I wouldn’t normally bother selling this since fitting the early model versions is that better route to go. But, this late version can potentially be rolled up for transporting overseas. Where as the early model version will not tolerate being rolled up/ folded. 
So it’s a compromise solution as always. Or use the piece as a template to have a brand new one made up?

Excludes the fixing rivets. These are available at £15 a set. 

Includes the warning plaque.

Removed from 1994 3.2s.

Note- this part will be folded/ rolled for transportation/ delivery. 

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