Jaguar XJ40 Under Bonnet Liner in Good Order

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Jaguar XJ40 Under Bonnet Liner On Good Order

Liner only- excludes the bonnet.

Fits all model year XJ40 86-94, but originally fitted to 86-92 battery under bonnet models. The parts look slightly different from 86-92 & 93-94 models. But they are cross compatible.

Good used condition overall, with only minor cosmetic imperfections. See the pics for the exact condition details.

Most likely a 93-94 model year owner will buy this part, as these early versions of the liner are better quality that the late versions. All the 93-94 versions of this part I see are ruined/ in poor condition, so fitting these earlier model parts are the only realistic option. 

Excludes the fixing rivets and under bonnet lamps.

Includes the yellow warning plaque.

Removed from 1991 4.0 Daimler

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