Jaguar XJ40 AJ6 3.2 Cylinder head 91-93MY

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Jaguar XJ40 Cylinder head engine 1991 AJ6 3.2 6cyl.

excludes cam cover. 


Good working order- mileage was 111,0000 when removed.

Important note- valve stem seals are a common leak point on these engines/ cylinder heads. This dribble oil into the cylinders and can create some smoke at start up. Most of these engines do it at some point. When they run more often, this smoke can be very minimal, but when an engine has sat for an extended period, as this spare engine has, then it’s expected there will be some valve stem seal oil seepage into the cylinders. Options are to either rebuild the head with new seals, or add some seal conditioner into the oil, to reduce any oil leaks. With the head on a bench is the ideal time to renew the seals. 

Removed from:

1991 XJ40 (battery under bonnet)

Compatible with:

3.2 Litre variant only, 91-93 models. 
(94 models have a different Cam Cover/ different screw arrangement). 

Whats included:

Cylinder head, with cams/ valves. 

Not included- can cover.

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