Jaguar XJ40 Door O/S/R Stripped Shell 86-89 3.6/2.9

  • £75.00

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Jaguar XJ40 XJ6 door O/S/R rear RH passenger side
Colour- Westminster blue
Some minor corrosion in places, but treatable, and none showing on the outer side
Door will require new paint, as it's been very badly painted by the previous owner
Compatible with:
86-89 with 3.6 or 2.9 engine only, as the door handle space in the shell is smaller than later cars (86-89 have smaller door handles)
Whats included:
Door shell only
Whats NOT included:
Door frame, Door shell, Glass window, Latch mechanism, Window motor and Wiring loom 

Other doors are available from the same car. please contact me if you require an alternative

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