Jaguar XJ40 XJ6 LH LEFT Rear Red Tail lamp

  • £80.00

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Jaguar XJ40 XJ6 LH LEFT Rear Red Tail lamp
without chrome surround. 
fits all model year XJ40 86-94. 

 Condition- Excellent used condition. About as good as you will ever see one of these besides a brand new part. It’s almost certain this has been a replacement part in the past as it’s survived extraordinarily well. Virtually no fading. Dark red like a new lamp. 
Only minor cracking visible, if you tilt the lamp at certain angles. They are not visible looking straight on at the lens. 
the sponge back on the back has some deterioration. Ideally it should be changed. It’s only lightly glued on. (It’s out of sight when fitted anyhow, so it doesn’t matter too much, it’s up to you). 

I know everyone is looking for new looking lights, but those are a real rarity now. When you see the cost of brand new lamps, the appreciate the scale of the predicament. This is as good as they get used. 

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