Jaguar XJ40 XJS 4.0 AJ6 engine Head & Block 1994 model version

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Jaguar XJ40 XJS 4.0 AJ6 engine Head & Block 1994 model version.

HEAD & Block/ Sump. Supplied as pictured. All the ancillaries are removed / sold off already 

it came out of a 1994 XJ40 Sovereign 4.0, battery in boot version. 

Average used condition for one of these. The engine has 151,000 miles on the clock. It was running and driving fine before being removed. It’s been in storage a number of years. 
good sump/ not cracked.

Important note- valve stem seals are a common leak point on these engines. They dribble oil into the cylinders and can create smoke at start up. Most of these engines do it at some point. When they run more often, this smoke can be very minimal, but when an engine has sat for an extended period, as this spare engine has, then it’s expected there will be some valve stem seal oil seepage into the cylinders which could create a lot of smoke on start up.  Options are to either rebuild the head with new seals, or add some seal conditioner into the oil, to reduce any oil leaks. 
It’s also possible there may be other minor oil leaks on this engine. At 30 years old, it’s not likely every seal will be completely tight. The outer corners of the head gasket are known to weep oil out onto the block (externally) on these engines too. 

UK pallet delivery or personal collection. 

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