REFURBISHING SERVICE Daimler Jaguar XJ40 Right Fusebox 93-94MY

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REFURBISHING SERVICE- Jaguar XJ40 Right side fusebox 93-94MY/ battery in boot models. 

PLEASE SEND IN YOUR FAULTY CORE UNIT FOR REPAIR. once you have ordered through this page, I will send the address to send the part. 

PLEASE NOTE. 93 and 94 models use the same core fusebox, but they have a different fuse arrangement. So when fitting, you just ensure the fuse ratings tally with those originally on your car model year. The rating guide is on the back of the fusebox access door to check. 

Part numbers.

94 models LMD2827BA

93 models DBC11774


REFURBISHING SERVICE. 6 month warranty. 

Compatible with:

XJ40 from VIN 667829 to 708757 (6 Cyl & V12)

Whats included:





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